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Austrian Society for Scientific Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Care (ASsAAC)

This interdisciplinary Society was founded as a non-profit association in 2006. Along with its sub-organizations (pharmacy, medicine, treatment and science), ASsAAC has a pioneering and future-oriented format.

Based on these „pillars“ of the Society, the ASsAAC develops guidelines and recommendations for the practical application of essential oils, fatty vegetable oils and hydrolates in accordance with the highest scientific and practical standards.

High quality standards are required on the one hand for cultivation, harvesting, production, storage and marketing, and on the other hand for the training and advanced training of persons working with this gift of Nature in an ecological, economical and responsible manner, as well as for individualized and holistic application.

Based on these principles, in aromatherapy and aromatherapy care we are able to work efficiently, safely, reliably, predictably, and accountably in the areas of health promotion, prevention, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and well-being.

The ASsAAC is opposed to inappropriate applications of essential oils. It supports practical application of aromatherapy and aromatherapy care on the basis of well substantiated conclusions derived from fundamental research, clinical studies, and expert opinions.

Through public relations work and networking, which includes conventions, symposia and publications, the ASsAAC promotes, with great dedication, the acceptance and recognition of aromatherapy and aromatherapy care in the general public as well as in professional circles and public institutions.

The board of ASsAAC supports the members of the Society by providing their specialized knowledge as well as news from various disciplines. In case of queries the board provides active help and advice.

Furthermore, the ASsAAC works actively to network reputable institutions in the interest of aromatherapy and aromatherapy care. This should lead to the formation of a European parent organization that will preserve and promote the diversity of products, high quality standards, progressive goals, and licensed access to aromatherapy and aromatherapy care throughout Europe.

Our cooperation partners: Austrian Society of Phytotherapy, Parent Organization of Austrian Doctors for Holistic Medicine, aromaFORUM Österreich (Aroma Forum of Austria), GAMED, Forum Essenzia, Danube University Krems, etc.

Contact us at: info@oegwa.at

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